Physicians Business Network

This site was reworked to convert from static site to WordPress to allow easier updating, make it responsive, improve the content, allow news to be published.

New Jersey State Bar Association

We helped with conversion of this site from one association management system (iMIS) to another (Personify).



This site was converted from a proprietary CMS to WordPress to make it easier to customize and modernize the site.

O’Keefe & O’Malley

This site was converted from Drupal to WordPress and the look and feel was modernized. Site was made responsive.

GPCInk Conversion

This is an overhaul of the site to convert to Worpress, add login areas to auctions and real estate and change so it is marketing site for GPC instead of showing ads.

This is a custom developed web application, software as a service, developed to provide clients a way to deliver videos and or email to subscribers via email, text, or embedded in web pages. The video is delivered optimized and responsive. Also has advanced analytics.

Brainfuel Book

This site was created to help promote and sell the iOS application and to act as e-commerce site for the downloadable version of the book.

DLOM Calculator

This site was a custom application that provides a Discount for Lack of Marketability calculator as a service.

Gallatin Publishing Regional Real Estate sites

These sites were created to aggregate the regional real estate listings to improve usefulness to viewers and improve search optimization.