Following are some REXX routines I wrote "a long time ago." Some are for Xedit, some Pipelines, some Kex.

These two routines are named WindIO and ScrolWin.
The were designed to make it easy to use data entry and scrolling windows from a VM/CMS environment.

The two routines are named WindIO and ScrolWin, and are invoked as REXX functions.

Windio is used to create, read, refresh and delete a data entry window.

ScrolWin is used to present scrolling selection lists, menus, and help windows.
It uses WindIO to accomplish this function.
Feel free to download the code, appreciate any feedback you want to give.
Or if you want some examples of how to use the code.
It may be portable without too much work to VX/REXX, seems like I considered it at one point in time.

These are a couple of Pipelines filter for CMS.
I wanted to do case insensitive locates, and I wanted to do OR locates in one statement.
So below you see MLOCATE REXX, it solves both these problems.

I wanted to output nothing if the pipe ended up with no output and be able to have multiple heading lines if it did.
So below you see HEADING REXX, it solves both these problems. I needed to output ASCII listing files with ASA carriage control as source via LPR from VM/CMS system.
So below you see ASATOASC REXX filter.

This is a XEDIT Macro for CMS and Kex Macro for Mansfield Software - Kedit for Windows.
It allows you to record the commands you are typing on the Kedit command line into a KEX macro.
This is a lot better than the old way, typing a command, writing it down, etc...
The original program was written in 1989 for XEDIT, converted in Sept. 1998 to KEX.