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This site was using an outdated CMS that was nearly impossible for them to update themselves. Adding new features wasn’t possible.


The New Jersey State Bar Foundation (NJSBF) Founded in 1958, the New Jersey State Bar Foundation has been dedicated to carrying out the charitable and educational endeavors of the organized bar, specifically the New Jersey State Bar Association.


The site needed a complete overhaul. It was difficult for the client to make changes and it was missing many features of modern web sites. Their previous experience caused some anxiety and they did not want to be in the same situation again with a CMS that was hard to manage.

Our Role

We worked in conjunction with the client to build out the site using WordPress. The client was able to build out a good portion of the content and navigation, saving them time and money. Also making them more comfortable with the new system. We then added finishing touches, publication order forms, complex pages, donation system and ecommerce.